November is "The Rotary Foundation" (Rotary International) Month 
Rotary International Foundation

Financial structure

The Rotary Foundation is organized as a public charity operated exclusively for charitable purposes and governed by a Board of Trustees. The operations of Rotary International, a member organization, are overseen by its Board of Directors.

The headquarters of Rotary International and The Rotary Foundation are in Evanston, Illinois, USA. We have associate foundations in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, India, Japan, and the United Kingdom.

Read highlights from the past year in our annual report.



Every Rotarian Every Year (EREY) 

This initiative asks every Rotarian to support The Rotary Foundation every year. In addition to contributing to the Annual Fund on a regular basis, members are encouraged to get involved in a Foundation project or program. This can be accomplished online via My Rotary or just search for The Rotary Foundation and the "Give Now" box.  A goal which many set for themselves is $100 per year. It may be more or it may be less. Let's try for 100% of our club to give something.
At the end of every Rotary year, contributions directed to the Annual Fund-SHARE from all Rotary clubs in the district are divided between the World Fund and the District Designated Fund, or DDF.  At the end of three years, your district can use the DDF to pay for Foundation, club, and district projects that your club and others in the district choose. Districts may use up to half of their DDF to fund district grants. The remaining DDF may be used for global grants or donated to PolioPlus, the Rotary Peace Centres, or another district. This amount is separate from the Polio Plus giving.  A percentage of the Polio Plus money does not return to our district to be used as DDF. The DDF is used for our smaller projects as opposed to minimum $30,000 projects which are Global grants. Let's support our district so we can ask the district to support our projects!