Governor's Message
Rotary has identified a theme for each month to highlight the wide range of Rotary’s good work and provide Clubs some suggestions, timing, and guidance for their programs and activities. It is an honor to serve as District Governor and have the opportunity to shine a light on District 5050 Rotarians and Rotaractors who live lives of Service Above Self. The theme messages this year will be written by and about some of these folks.

This is the June 2021 edition of the Peace Arch Journal. Thank you to everyone who helped provide content for this issue. If you want your Club program, initiative, fundraiser and success story to be seen by the entire District (and our friends outside of the District), then send us the information! With graphics or photos. And, please make sure you identify everyone in the photos.
Our Foundation Committee has provided information on donations to TRF and PolioPlus. Great job everyone! Keep it up. AND! There's an update on the District's PolioPlus Society initiative. This is where you commit to providing a minimum of USD $100 annually until polio is eradicated. There is a full article farther down describing this initiative. Have you made a commitment to help eradicate polio? We are soclose!
You might recall I mentioned last month that May is often scholarship month for many Clubs. Several Clubs responded by providing information about their scholarship programs. With what's just listed below, over $320,000 dollars was given away just in Snohomish County alone! Close to 80 young high school graduates are going on to college, university or trade school to further their education and knowledge with funds to help defray the costs of tuition, books, supplies, fees, etc. How many of them will be future Rotarians? Perhaps your contributions will have an affect. And, we may never know.
Congratulations to the District's Conference Committee for pulling off an amazing virtual Conference! Even though we couldn't meet in person, they did a fantastic job getting everyone engaged. Also a tip of the hat to those Rotarians that were recognized at the District Conference with various awards. Speaking of large Rotarian gatherings, the International Convention begins in a few days. Are you attending? There's still time to sign up. See the links down below.
Governor Carol highlighted that this is Fellowship Month in Rotary. We are introducing a new Fellowship Group- Washington State University Rotarians! See the article below for the announcement and a link to the group. It was started by several Cougar alum from District 5030.
Look closely at the request for donations to help the country of India during this critical time. Those donations will go towards acquiring much-needed oxygen for those stricken with the COVID virus. We've also shared a press release from the Honouring Indigenous Peoples organization regarding the discovery of a mass grave at a former school in Kamloops, BC. HIP was founded by Rotarians! Sound familiar?
Lastly, a huge thank you to Carol Tichelman for her service as our District Governor. Though we missed seeing her visit each of our Clubs, she is planning to do so anyway once we are able to and the border opens back up. Plus, she will be engaged in some way in the District. So, please make sure you thank her when you do get to see her in person. Enjoy a well-deserved break Governor!
Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment,
until it becomes a memory.

Club Foundation Reports
District 5050 PolioPlus Society Campaign
Results to end of May 2021
Members commit to a yearly $100 USD Donation to the PolioPlus Fund
Foundation Contribution Report
Thomas McMillian - Annual Fund Chair
James Purcell - PolioPlus Chair

Honour Roll Clubs over $100 USD Per Capita
 ClubMembersPer CapitaYTD
1Coquitlam Sunrise19$1,183.74$22,491.00
2White Rock Peace Arch22$828.36$18,223.97
3White Rock52$297.76$15,483.67
4San Juan Islands51$293.24$14,347.00
5Fidalgo Island50$286.94$14,347.00
10Stanwood-Camano Island20$228.50$4,570.00
12La Conner33$202.12$6,670.00
14North Delta26$194.32$5,052.21
15Whidbey Westside39$193.59$7,550.00
16South Surrey14$179.88$2,518.29
17Port Moody39$178.83$2,518.29
18Semiahmoo (White Rock)60$174.54$10,472.62
19Everett Port Gardner28$171.43$4,800.00
24Lake Stevens42$134.88$5,665.00
25Langley Sunrise16$132.54$2,120.56
27Meadow Ridge27$121.25$3,273.69
28Pacific Northwest Passport43$119.49$5,138.21
31Mount Baker57$105.26$6,000.00
32South Whidbey Island18$102.78$1,850.00
Through April 2021
 ClubMembersPer CaptiaYTD
1Semiahmoo (White Rock)60$242.56$14,552.61
2White Rock52$225.14$11,7070.06
Through April 2021
India's Need for Oxygen
14 May 2021
From: RI Director Valerie Wafer

Dear Governor Carol,

First, thank you to all for your tremendous response to supporting this project! It has been truly heartwarming!

We are delighted to provide the following progress update on the India COVID Project.

As you are aware the best route to purchase and provide Oxygen concentrators are outside India. So, we have connected and partnered with PDG Nancy Barbee of Dist. 7730, Zone 33 and paired Zone 34, and we are working with SEWA. The final amounts will be routed to SEWA through Dist. 7770.

SEWA is an International organization with a 4-star charity navigator rating. They will be purchasing the oxygen concentrators in places like Singapore and have them shipped to India.

R.I. Dir. Kamal Sanghvi, who is located in Kolkata, and the local Rotarians there will be involved in the distribution and transportation of these products to the most critical parts of the country.

For ease of reference please send your donations to either of the two foundations listed below whether you are located in the US or Canada. If you require a tax receipt, please ensure your email ID is included so the receipts can be mailed to you.

US checks to:                                          
Rotary District 6400 Foundation
Manager’s Office
201 S. Main Street
Plymouth, MI   48170   USA                                                         
Canadian cheques to:
The Rotary Club of Essex Foundation
PO Box 42, Essex, ON  N8M 2Y1  Canada
Let's save lives together!
Seeking Another Sponsor: Could You or Your Club Be That Sponsor?
The International Project Alliance (IPA), a consortium of eleven Rotary Clubs in District 50/50, is seeking a sponsor for one more village in the Honduran Copán region. Villages have been prequalified based on previous work with the IPA, community need and commitment, and the feasibility of affecting the desired outcomes within a reasonable time. This IPA program is called Adopt a Village to reflect its highly targeted approach and the ongoing stewardship implied.
Home in La Vegona, Honduras
Today’s sponsors are pleased to have long term relationships with the villages they sponsor and to see how far their money goes in Honduras.  There are ten villages presently in this program. The one remaining village that has been prequalified and is still seeking support is La Vegona. 
La Vegona is at 3,000 feet elevation, in a lush valley, surrounded by coffee plantations, above one of the rivers that flooded badly during the Hurricanes of 2020. The bridge to the village was washed away and the IPA’s hurricane relief fund is sponsoring a replacement bridge to carry pedestrians and cyclists to homes, villages, and a medical clinic on the other side of the river. Villagers have begun work on this large project. More generally, through various previous programs, village leadership and La Vegona’s two teachers have been actively engaged with IPA to strengthen quality of life and support continued prosperity for the village’s roughly 300 residents, including 30 school children. The Adopt-a-Village Program is the next step in that relationship.
Homes and shelters for farm animals
In this program sponsors of villages pledge each year, for three years, to provide school supplies and uniforms to kindergarten and primary school kids, materials for the teachers, secondary school scholarships, health insurance, and new books for the Mobile Library. Sponsors also agree to support up to $4,000 annually for community construction or other village infrastructure programs. The average annual Adopt-a-Village sponsorship is between $3,000 and $4,000 and La Vegona, with its 300 residents, would be in that range.
Sponsors are encouraged to visit sponsored villages, but this is not a requirement as IPA volunteers visit all affiliated villages every three months. Some sponsors are using social media to communicate with residents of the villages they sponsor. 
Receiving supplies from IPA
The Adopt-a-Village Program complements other successful programs of the IPA, which support education and economic development throughout the region. Sponsorship and other gifts to the program are 100% tax-deductible, with 100% of the gift going to benefit villages, thanks to the U.S. and Honduran Rotary volunteers who administer the program and supervise the local contractors.
The Vegona School - a single classroom with multiple grades
We hope you will take a few minutes to learn more about this opportunity, the good work of the partnership of Rotarians in Copán and our District, and the daily life and resilience of some of the poorest residents of Central America.
If you would like to learn more about being a sponsor, information and forms can be found here.  If you would like to speak with an IPA member, you may email Marty Pease.

District Recognizes Above & Beyond Rotarians
At last month's District Conference, Governor Tichelman and others recognized several Rotarians in our District with specific honours.
  • Service Above Self - PDG Sean Hogan
  • Citation for Meritorious Service - Val Tibbitts
  • Distinguished Service Award - Rick Buldoc
  • Goldfinch Most Valuable Rotarian Award - Malcom Kennedy and Al Stjernegaard
  • Paul Harris Fellows - Phoenix MacLaren, Felicity Dye, Dakota White, Lexie Wynne, Allan Baedak and Dave Duskin
Congratulations to all of these Rotarians. We know many of you go above and beyond as well every day serving your community--be it locally, regionally and/or internationally. Thank you.
You can watch the full presentation here. The presentation begins after the Memorials.
Youth Exchange Invitation to Clubs
The District Youth Exchange Committee has been hard at work, gearing up for the 2022-2023 exchange year. Participating Clubs will be choosing their outbound students this fall and there is still time for your Club to get involved! It is easier than you think and more rewarding than you know! Want to learn more?
Information Session
June 16th at 7:00 pm
In the meantime, we thought we would share a success story of one of our past outbound students. These are students who were sponsored by a Club in our District and went on Exchange for a year.
Meet Miwa Clare – Rotary Club of Chilliwack’s outbound student to Japan 2019-2020
"My year abroad in Japan as an exchange student helped me develop as a person. I left for Japan the Summer of 2019 and came back the following summer. Living amongst four very different host families during my year abroad, I attended an all-girls Christian high school. Due to the differences compared to my high school here in Canada, it took some adjusting to do but I quickly got used to their rules and expectations.
I was really lucky and my school provided me with a variety of opportunities to immerse myself into Japanese culture. Traditional Japanese dancing, tea ceremony, flower arrangement, and calligraphy to name a few. I took these classes every week. Via our school’s connections with a local daycare, I also got to help the daycare’s staff watch over children.
Despite the many positive memories, I made with my new families, not everything went as planned...I started to appreciate everything that was taken for granted. Getting rides to a friend's house, a warm family dinner, the “good morning's” and “good nights” I was told every day. Even now that I am back in Canada, I remember these moments and think of all the tasks and favors my family does for me, and how lucky I am.
I personally was never good at public speaking, but as I joined Rotary, it provided me with opportunities to speak in public. As a result, I have become more prepared and confident to talk in front of others. This also helped me with learning my new language. Halfway through my exchange, Covid-19 started to spread and all of my friends had to leave, and events were cancelled. I watched all of my friends go home one by one but I was able to stay for the rest of my school year. Despite the pandemic, this once in a lifetime opportunity provided by Rotary has largely impacted who I am now, and how I will grow as a person.”

Washington State University Rotary Fellowship
The WSU Rotary Fellowship is being established for the purpose of connecting WSU Alumni that are Rotarians. This fellowship is also open to any WSU alumni and friends with an interest in Rotary. By joining together, we can expand our Rotary experience through inter-club networking and grow our Rotary numbers at the same time. See the Fellowship site for more information.
District 5050 Clubs
Scholarships Abound        

Rotary Boosts 55 Everett Students with Record $239,100 in Scholarships

55 Everett students gained a college head start this week as the Rotary Club of Everett announced scholarships funded by Club members and donors worth $239,100.
It was the largest yearly scholarship total in club history. The total includes two new scholarships for studies in mental health, funded by Compass Health, and two new Goldfinch Brothers, Inc. scholarships in building trades and construction management.
In previous years, winning students were celebrated in ceremonies at the Everett School District Community Resource Center. This year scholarship winners were announced in a May 17 online webinar. Their individual grants range from $500 to $22,500.
"Our club members and partners are thrilled to help students with the cost of higher education,” said John Olson, Rotary president. “We are so impressed with what these award recipients have done in high school and are confident that they'll continue to succeed in whatever they do.”
Rotarians in Everett work closely with school counselors to identify scholarship prospects. Those nominees are then interviewed by Rotary members, who make the final selection. In total, the club has awarded nearly $5 million in scholarships.
Supporting youth is a major focus for the Rotary Club of Everett. Club members share their business experiences with students participating in the school district’s AVID (Achievement Via Individual Determination) program. The club also participates in student exchange programs by sending local students overseas and hosting students from other countries.
Local High School Graduates Awarded $60,000 in Scholarships from the Rotary Club of Arlington 
The Rotary Club of Arlington announced the recipients of $60,000 in scholarships to graduating students from Arlington, Darrington and Lakewood at a hybrid Zoom meeting last month. Each 2021 graduate will receive $5,000 for continuing education. The 12 recipients were selected from 46 applicants. All were well-qualified and exceptional students. 
“It was exciting to receive so many applicants this year from students making plans for their future,” said President Bryce Duskin. “With our partners, who enable us to award these scholarships, we’re pleased to be able to support these local graduates’ dreams and goals.”   
Scholarships were funded through sponsorships of the 2020 Great Stilly Duck Dash that was cancelled last Fourth of July. These donors were:
  • Dwayne Lanes - $10,000
  • Symmetry Chiropractic Wellness Center - $10,000
  • B&B Fabricators - $5,000
  • Farmers - Klein Insurance Company - $5,000
  • LeaderOne Financial/Jenie Jones - $3,000
  • Arlington Health and Rehabilitation - $2,500
  • Cascade Kropz - $2,500
  • Edward Jones/John Meno - $2,500
  • Heritage Bank - $2,500
  • S&S Roofing - $2,500
  • Devin Dickinson, DDS - $2,000
  • Family Pet Medical and Surgery - $2,000
  • Arlington Hardware - $1,000
  • Asgard Massage - $1,000
  • Bailey, Duskin and Peiffle - $1,000
  • Banner Bank - $1,000
  • Columbia Bank - $1,000
  • Langabeer McKernan Burnett & Co, PS - $1,000
  • R.L. Chippendale Accounting - $1,000
  • State Farm - Jim Minifie - $1,000
  • All Creatures Veterinary Services - $500
  • Ben Wells and Associates - $500
  • Roger & Jennifer Rancourt - $500
  • Smokey Point Animal Hospital - $500
  • Terra Vista NW Consulting Engineers - $500
Lake Stevens Awards $22,000 to Nine Graduates
Each year, our Scholarship Program is administered through the Vocational Services Committee and is the highlight of our Rotary year and this year was just another example of how important it is to provide these incredible seniors from Lake Stevens High School with scholarships.
We presented the scholarships at our hybrid meeting last week. Recipients and their families joined us online while the Vocational Committee was at our meeting location.
The Rotary Club of Lake Stevens is a little Club that gives big! Our Club is rather small in size with 47 members and we were able to provide $22,000 in scholarships funds to nine amazing students headed off to Universities, Colleges and Trade Schools. Applicants were judged based on leadership within their school, providing service to others in our community, an essay addressing the Rotary Four Way Test, academics and successful participation throughout our interview process. We are proud to have the ability to provide these scholarships in this difficult time thanks to the support of the Lake Stevens community. We know these students will be successful in whatever endeavor they pursue and the Rotary Club is happy to participate in their success. We hope that through this experience, the students learned a little more about Rotary and they consider membership in the future.
Congratulations to all of the graduates!

Coquitlam         Ron Warneboldt
Rotarians from the Rotary Club of Coquitlam enjoyed a day of fellowship, family fun and physical activity when they cleaned up 3 km of street surrounding Mundy Park on Saturday, May 1st.  The Municipality of Coquitlam provided three signs acknowledging this ongoing monthly event, and masked Club members wearing Rotary identification and gloves and using pick-up tools, spent 1.5 hours in helping to keep our community clean.  

Two of the club members even participated dressed as cats as a result of a fundraising challenge related to our Rotary Rush walk event, and their fun loving personalities contributed to the success of this most enjoyable and worthwhile community event. 
This Adopt-A-Street event will be an ongoing community service project of the Rotary Club of Coquitlam, and will take place on the first Saturday of each month (unless that Saturday falls on a long weekend when the event will take place on the second Saturday of the month) with participants meeting at 10 am at the Charles Best School sports field parking lot off Como Lake Ave.

Denis Boyd, Maureen Boyd, Linda Reimer, Ron Warneboldt, Laura Adema, Gurpreet Sohi (black cat), Chris Boyd (grey cat), Jim Lane, Josephine Tsen, Bruce Cornish and Steve Niven.

Upcoming Club Events
Rotary Club of Port Moody
   Shred-A-Thon, 5 June 2021
Rotary Club of Surrey
     Shred-A-Thon, 19 June 2021

HIP: Kamloops Discovery


On behalf of HIP (Honouring Indigenous Peoples), its Board of Directors and Allies, we extend our deepest sympathies to the Tk’emlúps te Secwépemc First Nation on the discovery of the mass grave on the site of a former residential school in Kamloops British Columbia. We ask everyone to wear orange, lower flags and declare this a national time of mourning to Honour these 215 children, and all Indigenous children who never made it home.

Finding these remains is a painful reminder of the injustice and the intergenerational impact it has had. The passage of time does not erase the suffering caused by residential schools to Indigenous communities, survivors and their families. To truly Honour these children and their families, we encourage everyone to take action by reading the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) report from 2015 and seek to implement the 94 Calls-to-Action in support of reconciliation and to heal the suffering.

John Currie
Executive Director, HIP

HIP was founded in 2014 by a small group of Rotarians in Southern Ontario. They created a country-wide (Canada) organization to work in partnership with Indigenous Peoples. Their mission is to catalyze societal change by inspiring Indigenous & Non-Indigenous relationship building, strengthening community well-being and advancing the next generation of leaders. Visit the Honouring Indigenous Peoples website for more information.

Provided by Linda Mross, District 5050 HIP Chair

Introducing the PolioPlus Society
PolioPlus Society
A great opportunity to do good in the world.
This Society is a District 5050 program to promote individual giving to the PolioPlus Fund. 
To belong, you commit to donating $100 USD or more per year and pledge to do so until polio is completely eradicated. It is as simple as that!
For your pledge, you will receive a District 5050 PolioPlus Society pin, and an exclusive, much revered, collectable, frameable certificate. Your membership pin and certificate will be mailed to your Club President for presentation at a Club Meeting. We want to make sure you are recognized for your commitment to polio eradication.
We cannot express how important it is to keep funding the polio eradication program. It has been a long battle, but we need to finish the job. In 1985 we promised the children of the world that we would eradicate this devastating disease of Polio from the face of the earth. Rotarians are people of integrity and we keep our promises.
Of course, all donations will receive a 2 to 1 match by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation making this an even better opportunity, as well as receiving Paul Harris recognition points for your donation. Plus, you will receive a tax-deductible receipt.
As a member of the Society, you pledge to donate a minimum of $100 USD each year until the world is certified polio free by the World Health Organization.
To become a member, go online at under featured causes, select the Polio Fund. Click on recurring donation and make it annually for $100 USD or more.
To receive your pin and certificate, fill in the PolioPlus Society pledge form that can be accessed by clicking HERE.
2021 International Convention
The Rotary International Convention, scheduled for 12-16 June 2021, in Taipei, Taiwan, will now be a virtual event in response to the ongoing threat of COVID-19.

We are sorry that we will not see you in Taipei this year, but this decision, made by the Rotary Board of Directors, is necessary to protect the health of everyone involved.

Peace Arch Journal
Carol Tichelman
District Governor
This monthly publication is a service to District Club Officers and members. It is intended as a source of news and opinion from throughout the district.
The mission of the Peace Arch Journal is to promote communication, understanding, fellowship and fun beyond club meetings, in a manner complementary to shared efforts at placing Service Above Self.
Please send articles and news with or without pictures attached to emails. Photographs are always a plus! Note that the editor appreciates conservation of space in order to meet the sender’s needs and the editor’s time.
The deadline is the 23rd of the month.
Address any and all information to the Peace Arch Journal Editor.
James Monroe
Rotary Club of Lake Stevens, WA
District 5050’s web site:
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Our new president, Shekhar Mehta, envisions Rotary’s next chapter – and is ready to make it a reality.


RI director and PolioPlus national advocacy adviser are responsible for an estimated 50% of vaccinations in their region


Rotary’s second virtual convention highlights accomplishment in polio, progress toward ending COVID-19


Rotary has a remarkable record when it comes to health initiatives. Now the global pandemic has brought attention to another aspect of health that is often overlooked: mental health.


The program matches refugees with training to get them settled and fill a need for skilled workers.