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Happy February!!!
And that makes it Peacebuilding and Conflict Prevention month on the Rotary calendar. Today, over 70 million people are displaced as a result of conflict, violence, persecution, and human rights violations. Half of them are children.
As a humanitarian organization, peace is a cornerstone of our mission. We believe when people work to create peace in their communities, that change can have a global effect.
By carrying out service projects and supporting peace fellowships and scholarships, our members take action to address the underlying causes of conflict, including poverty, discrimination, ethnic tension, lack of access to education, and unequal distribution of resources.
Our Peace Scholar Programs are a topic that many Rotarians are not familiar with. As a District we are very proud that two of our applicants were accepted into the 2021-2022 program year. April Klassen will be attending the Master’s program at the University of Bradford and Alison MacLean the Certificate program at Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok.
And now for a personal Peace Scholar story. While enjoying my morning coffee on 9 October 2020 I heard on the news that the World Food Program had been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Then at 7:30 am I received a phone call from a VERY excited Chad Shipmaker. Chad graduated from the Rotary Peace program in 2011 (Duke University). He has held a few positions since his graduation but one of them was as a Senior Strategy Advisor with the World Food Program and in that capacity in 2015 Chad wrote the WFP’s 5-year strategic plan. He said he never would have done that if he had not been a Rotary Peace Scholar.
I used to be Chad’s Branch Manager – and when he told me he was going to apply for an Ambassadorial Scholarship – I urged him to apply to the Peace Program instead. I always saw something special in him. At first he was reluctant – but after a lot of cajoling and counselling he applied and was accepted (sponsored by District 5060 – which is where he lived and is again living).
Chad will be one of our featured speakers at the 2021 virtual “Windows of Opportunity” District Conference. You will really enjoy hearing his lifetime of “Rotary stories” and experiences!
Stay well!

Rotary Foundation receives Highest Rating for 13th Consecutive Year
For the 13th consecutive year, The Rotary Foundation has received the highest rating — four stars — from Charity Navigator, an independent evaluator of charities in the U.S.
The Foundation earned the recognition for adhering to sector best practices and executing its mission in a financially efficient way, demonstrating both strong financial health and commitment to accountability and transparency. Only one percent of the organizations Charity Navigator evaluates have received 13 consecutive 4-star evaluations.
"Your achievement and 4-star rating will enhance your organization’s fundraising and public relations efforts,” says Michael Thatcher, president and chief executive officer of Charity Navigator. "This exceptional designation sets the Foundation apart from its peers and demonstrates to the public its trustworthiness."
The rating reflects Charity Navigator's assessment of how the Foundation uses donations, sustains its programs and services, and practices good governance and openness.
Welcome to the February 2021 edition of the Peace Arch Journal. The YAIL Committee is excited to announce their virtual program for this year. See below for all of the information and registration link. The IPA has provided an update on development projects in Honduras. If you want to learn more about what the IPA is and does, even perhaps have someone give a presentation to your Club, please contact Marty Pease, IPA Marketing Director.
The District is seeking a new Webmaster. Kevin Wood will be leaving this position at the end of June. Thank you Kevin for all the hard work that goes into maintaining our District website! If you are interested in serving as a webmaster, see the article below for more information.
See the article below about the 2021 RI International Virtual Convention. Due to ongoing concerns about the pandemic, the RI Board of Directors announced that the Convention will go online.
Last month, we began a periodic series of articles about using ClubRunner. In response to that article, a letter writer commented that she wasn't able to update everything in her profile. That's true. Some of the information you see in your Profile tabs is managed by other aspects of ClubRunner. I'm sorry if that wasn't clear in my article. For example, if you are on a Club or District committee, the person who chairs that committee as well as the website administrator can add or remove you from the committee. As a member of the committee you are not able to manage aspects about the committee. There will be more on Committee Management in a future article. In the meantime, keep those letters coming. We can only make the Journal better if we hear from our readers.
Have you checked out the Rotary Action and Fellowship Groups, yet? There are so many areas of interest and not enough time. We're providing the list one more time. If you are a member of one of these groups, send us an update on what's happening.
Thank you to the members that have been submitting articles, stories, letters and photographs. As you know I'm usually not able to visit your meetings. Now that I'm not working and have lots of time, I still can't visit--at least in person. Hopefully, both of those will be changing in the near future. The Peace Arch Journal needs your help. If you are interested in writing occasional stories about your Club and neighboring Clubs, your communities and Club activities and events, please let me know.
Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment,
until it becomes a memory.

Typically, around this time of year, we would be preparing for our annual in-person conference, Youth Adventures in Leadership (YAIL), but because that is not possible this year, we are proud to present AIM by YAIL. AIM is a FREE Virtual Youth Leadership Series that is open to all youth in our district and does not require a Rotary sponsor to attend. With our lives looking a lot different than we are used to, we wanted to offer a safe, inclusive, and fun environment that provides participants with the opportunity to grow as individuals and leaders.
The virtual series presents a fantastic opportunity to have speakers from outside of our area and district share their expertise on various topics. The topics being discussed consist of Leadership, Mindset, Inspiration & Purpose, Life Changes, and Interact & Rotaract Night. A different topic will be covered each session by our exceptional speakers. Additionally, each session will conclude with a Diversity & Inclusion speaker tying in the topic to everyday lives.
Our virtual Leadership sessions take place from 15 April to 13 May 2021. The sessions are every Thursday from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm. We believe that we must empower and inspire youth to be the best versions of themselves, especially in today's world. This leadership series will be targeted to high school-aged students and young adults in Rotary District 5050. To attend, participants will need to register and reserve the dates at the District 5050 YAIL website. Registration will be open on 15 February 2021.
Rotary's New Area of Focus

Supporting the Environment – Our New Area of Focus

It is exciting that we are moving forward on new area of focus! You can now find more information about how we’ll protect the environment in the updated Area of Focus Policy Statements.

This new cause empowers Rotary members to Rotary’s address specific issues that have detrimental effects on the environment comprehensively and opens an opportunity to build on the environmental work we’re already doing in our communities. The RI Board and Rotary Foundation Trustees added the environment as an official cause earlier this year, and clubs and districts can apply for global grants in this area beginning 1 July 2021. I encourage everyone who wants to apply for a global grant to carefully review the policy statements to ensure that their proposed projects are eligible.


Learn more about protecting the environment. Thank you for your ongoing commitment to Doing Good in the World.
Abby McNear is a Manager of Donor Engagement for The Rotary Foundation

International Projects Alliance
Rapid Development Projects in Mayan Villages
For Rotarians working internationally, the needs of those living in extreme poverty can be overwhelming.  How much can Rotarians really do? 
One Rotary program addresses multiple aspects of poverty in Mayan villages in the Copán Ruinas region in Honduras. The program was initiated by the International Project Alliance (IPA), a coalition of eleven Rotary Clubs in Western Washington, and the Rotary Club of Copán Ruinas, Honduras. A recent Global Grant from Rotary International to the Fidalgo Island club will support the IPA’s Rapid Development (RD) program in six villages (520 people) from 2021 to 2023.   
At the start of the RD program, villagers describe possible projects that would improve the economic situation in their villages and that interest  them.  They describe the need, the project, and the village’s commitment to it, including potential financial contributions. A village savings and loan association is started, which loans money for small businesses. IPA’s contractors help villagers to execute projects and start small businesses. IPA identifies financial resources in Honduras, the U.S., and internationally.  
Villagers identified agricultural projects and small businesses as keys to their villages’ economic futures. They felt success in these areas would increase health and quality of life and allow residents to stay in the region rather than seek opportunities elsewhere. For each village, in addition to the project specific resources, RD provides training and medical kits to community health volunteers to improve health services and support the village schools.
IPA contractors work with villagers to refine and finalize project plans, provide training in financial management, goal setting, and interpersonal skills, and help in carrying out the projects. An agronomist trains farmers on improved methods and villagers on home gardening.
Small businesses started in RD villages include dairy processing, pig and chicken farming, variety stores, motorcycle repair and parts, market gardens, and used clothing sales. IPA has contracted with a local organization to transport and market agricultural products in nearby towns.
IPA agronomist introduces a new type of tree that is robust under local conditions and explains how it should be planted and maintained.
Trainer shows how to vaccinate pigs to a community member raising pigs for the first time.
Families receive training and seeds to start their own gardens.  Some families start large gardens to produce vegetables for sale.
One entrepreneur is producing cheese from local milk, which is sold in the village and in nearby towns. A cooperating organization helps with marketing.
FXB Model
In its design, the Rapid Development Program relied heavily on the model of the FXB organization in Switzerland, which has been recognized by both UNAIDs and UNICEF as using best practice approaches for addressing poverty in developing countries. 
IPA-Copan is a partnership of the Rotary Club of Copán Ruinas, Honduras, and eleven District 5050 Rotary Clubs that work as the International Project Alliance (IPA). Rotarians interested in joining the IPA should contact or Marty Pease, ( IPA’s Marketing Director.
Give Blood

District Webmaster Sought
The District is seeking someone to join the Communications Committee and serve as Webmaster for the District website. The role officially starts 1 July 2021, but you would be expected to work alongside of the current webmaster for a time before that date. If you are interested in this volunteer role please submit a letter of interest to Communications Committee Chair Dave Duskin.
2021 District Conference
We want all Rotarians of District 5050 to ‘save the date’ of 13 – 16 May 2021 for our District Conference. District Governor Carol Tichelman’s vision for Conference was to highlight the significant role of Rotary to the life and vitality in Chilliwack. The District Conference logo, as explained by DG Carol at her visits to our Clubs borrows on Rotary International President Knaack’s graphic of open doors as ROTARY “Opens Opportunities.” The six open doors represent the four Chiliwack area Rotary Clubs plus the Rotaract & Interact Clubs in Chilliwack. To that end we had already not only arranged a list of remarkable speakers to inspire us with their collective wisdom, but also developed personal local experiences for Conference attendees to enjoy.
The reality of Covid-19 has made our Committee to determine that an in-person Conference is neither appropriate nor realistic in a cross-border District. British Columbia's Provincial Health Officer, Dr. Bonnie Henry, suggests that she hopes a COVID vaccine might be widely available for distribution by November 2021. The Committee has made the decision with reluctance and heavy hearts to cancel the in-person Conference – however we are excited about the virtual Conference opportunity!
More information on the newly re-imagined Conference experience will be announced soon. We also plan to transition the House of Friendship experience to a virtual opportunity to share your Club’s successful projects and fundraisers.
We hope in doing this virtual Conference that we may actually allow more 5050 Rotarians to appreciate the worth of District Conference while not requiring the time and expense of the traditional Conference format.
So save the dates - 14 – 15 May 2021 for District 5050 Conference 2021!
2021 International Convention
he Rotary International Convention, scheduled for 12-16 June 2021, in Taipei, Taiwan, will now be a virtual event in response to the ongoing threat of COVID-19.

We are sorry that we will not see you in Taipei this year, but this decision, made by the Rotary Board of Directors, is necessary to protect the health of everyone involved. We will share more details about the 2021 Rotary International Virtual Convention soon. Here’s what you need to know now:

Convention, pre-convention, and ticket refunds

RI will automatically cancel and refund all existing registrations. This includes purchases made for Rotaract, Youth Exchange, and Intercountry Committees preconvention events, and ticketed meal events.

We kindly ask that you NOT contact RI Registration to inquire about registration, ticket, or housing cancellations as they work diligently to inform all attendees and process cancellations and refunds. Those who had already canceled prior to today will receive a refund of the $50 processing fee. 

Host Organization Committee (HOC) ticketed event registrations

The HOC event ticket fees will be refunded by the Taipei HOC. For more information, please visit

Hotel rooms


No action is required from those attendees who made accommodations secured within Rotary’s official housing block. Maritz, formerly Experient and Rotary’s official housing partner, will contact those who currently have rooms secured with the cancellation details. Others who have secured group room blocks and made a full or partial payment will receive a follow-up communication and instructions on receiving a refund. 

We will post more details as they become available.

District 5050 Clubs
Sedro-Woolley        Mike Moser
reprinted with permission from the Skagit Valley Herald

The Sedro-Woolley Rotary Club made a $40,000 donation 23 December 2020 to the Helping Hands Solution Center.

“This is a huge deal,” said Erik Larsen, Operations Manager of the food bank. “Because of the amount of people we are serving, even though our regular food sources have been increasing across the board, what we find is we still lack in certain items.”

Larsen said the donation will allow Helping Hands to purchase what it can’t get from other sources.

“For families of four, that donation amount equates to about 4,000 meals,” he said.

The donation was impressive considering pandemic restrictions have led to new approaches in fundraising. The club raised about $25,000 in a matter of weeks, and the rest came from a single donor who wishes to remain anonymous.

Assisting Helping Hands has always been a priority for the the local Rotary Club, but even more so this year. The club previously made two $5,000 donations.

“We’ve had a limited budget this year,” said Sedro-Woolley Rotary Club President Mike Moser. “But we still wanted to help Helping Hands food bank during the pandemic. The membership wanted to do something special for Helping Hands because times are tough and they are serving a lot of people.”

Moser said he received a phone call two weeks ago from a donor who was willing to match up to $15,000 if the club could raise that amount in a couple of weeks.

Done and done.

“Well, we were certainly going to try,” Moser said. “So we put the word out to the membership and a couple other Rotary clubs and then word got out to the general community, and we were able to raise it.”

Moser said the generosity of the community was mind-boggling, adding the community certainly stepped up to fill a need.

“We are absolutely thrilled we could do this, and absolutely amazed that we pulled it off in two weeks time,” he said.

And so is Helping Hands Deputy Director Rick Baillie.

“To see this type of generosity and especially with COVID, it just blows you away,” he said. “To see the community supporting other members of the community that are really hard hit, it is really amazing. The need just continues to grow and every dollar helps.”

John Janicki (left), Miranda Wilson and daughter Katie Clay, Erik Larsen, Mike Moser and Rick Baillie pose for a photo outside the Helping Hands Solution Center in Sedro-Woolley. The food bank received a $40,000 donation from the Sedro-Woolley Rotary Club.

South Whidbey/Whidbey Westside         Bruce Enter
On 15 January, the two Rotary Clubs on the south end of Whidbey Island presented Jonathan Kline of Whidbey Homeless Coalition (WHC), with checks totaling over USD $2,000, plus several dozen sets of sheets and pillowcases, to assist them in caring for our homeless population. The Rotary Club of South Whidbey and the Rotary Club of Whidbey Westside, together have donated over $50,000, and thousands of hours of volunteer time during the last year alone in support of our Island community. For further information to support WHC go to
Pictured l-r are Jim Rogers, Gwen Jones, Marie Plakos, Jonathan Kline, Nick Zefferys and Bruce Enter.

Rotary Fellowship Groups
Rotary Fellowships are independent, social groups that share a common passion. Being part of a fellowship is a fun way to make friends around the world.
Fellowships are open to Rotarians, family members, and program participants and alumni. You can contact a fellowship directly by using the information listed in the Rotary Fellowships directory. Or, search the discussion groups to find Rotary and Rotaract members with similar interests.
There are several additions and one deletion since we published this list last year.
Peace Arch Journal
Carol Tichelman
District Governor
This monthly publication is a service to District Club Officers and members. It is intended as a source of news and opinion from throughout the district.
The mission of the Peace Arch Journal is to promote communication, understanding, fellowship and fun beyond club meetings, in a manner complementary to shared efforts at placing Service Above Self.
Please send articles and news with or without pictures attached to emails. Photographs are always a plus! Note that the editor appreciates conservation of space in order to meet the sender’s needs and the editor’s time.
The deadline is the 23rd of the month.
Address any and all information to the Peace Arch Journal Editor.
James Monroe
Rotary Club of Lake Stevens, WA
District 5050’s web site:
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