Governor's Message
Service in the Time of COVID-19
This is an extraordinary time, to say the least. A time when upheaval, fear and the unknown may dominate our lives. But through our caring, resolve and actions, we will not only make it through this difficult time, we will also help others make it through, for we are Rotarians and now is the time for us to live our motto, Service Above Self. 
We must not put ourselves in harm’s way in our actions, but we can act in a safe and responsible manner to help others through this crisis. I strongly encourage you to follow the CDC’s advice by staying home, only making essential trips to the grocery store or pharmacy, and maintaining six feet/1.8 meters of separation when we do go out for trips or to enjoy the outdoors. However, we can still safely help others while following that advice.
If you are like me, you are saddened, frustrated and at times, angry, about the impact the corona virus has had on our families, friends, and work, at home and abroad. But, let’s turn that around and use it to guide us to doing our best in making a difference in our own and other people’s lives by helping however and wherever we can. Keep connected with club members via phone, Facebook, Skype, and emails and ask how you may help them, especially those who are most vulnerable, such as running errands for them. 
Another way to help is financially, such as buying take-out meals from restaurants to be delivered to first responders and others who would appreciate a good meal. Be creative in your ideas on how you may help.  Discuss these ideas with Club members in your own Club and Clubs in your area and then put them into action.   
In many places in the world, people view the Rotary wheel as a symbol of hope. And now it’s time for our neighbours and communities to see that wheel as their symbol of hope as we provide them with what is needed at this time.
This month's theme is Maternal and Child Health. In the current situation, we very much need to provide high quality health care to mothers and children. Click this to see what Rotary is doing in this area.
I also want you to remember last month's theme of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene. Hygiene is the operative word right now, so keep washing your hands. And, please be safe, act responsibly, and be healthy for we are all in this together and we will get through this.

District 5050 Grant for COVID-19 Projects
We are living in unprecedented times with the impact of the corona virus on our communities. Rotary District 5050 will assist Rotary Clubs that wish to to help their communities through this difficult time as we are people of action and we follow our motto of Service Above Self.
District 5050 will provide a matching grant of up to US$5,000 to each of the twelve regional areas within District 5050. We ask that the Clubs in each area work together to determine the needs of their communities and provide funds to address these needs. There can be multiple projects within an Area that address the needs.
Only projects that address COVID-19 impacts will be considered. The Area Assistant Governor and Club Presidents will determine wht project(s) they want to do. To illustrate, some examples may be needed medical clothing, (e.g. masks, gloves, gowns for hospitals), support for local food banks, and support for school backpack programs that provide food to students.
The Area Governor (AG) and Club Presidents will complete a form and the AG will submit this to the District Foundation Chair Malcolm Kennedy. The District Foundation Committee will review the project in a timely manner.
Please note these are not Rotary Foundation funds and TRF Grant rules will not apply to these projects. These are funds from the District 5050 Reserve accounts as well as funds that are not being spent from District accounts on things like the District Conference, the International Convention, etc.
The deadline for applications is 30 June 2020.
The deadline for project completion is 30 September 2020.
After the completion of the project, the Area Governors and Club Presidents will provide a brief update, pictures and receipts of the total project to Malcolm Kennedy. Please also provide photos and stories to the Peace Arch Journal.
Lead District 5050 in 2023-2024 - Are You that Person?
Why are we starting so early? We want to ensure we have a District Governor so they are able to attend training in January 2021 and have ample time to schedule other necessary events in 2021.
The District Governor is the Chief Executive Officer of the Rotary District and an Officer of Rotary International. The Governor is responsible for the Executive Management of the District and to oversee the activities of the District Leadership Team. He or she is responsible to work with the Clubs and Club Presidents to assist them in the achievement of their goals and the Goals of Rotary International. The District Governor (and spouse/partner if available) is expected to attend District Events and major club events.
District 5050 Rotary Clubs should submit nominations to the Chair of the District Nominating Committee, PDG Bill Robson by May 31, 2020.

District 5050 Seeking Assistant Governors
Want to have one of the best positions in Rotary?  Become an Assistant Governor for Clubs in your area. 
We are seeking applications from Rotarians in the following geographical areas to officially begin in July 2021. We need AGs in place by the fall of 2020 so they can schedule important dates including training in September 2020, Pre-PETS (President-Elect Training Seminar - 7 November) and PETS 17 – 21 February 2021.
  • Area A – Chilliwack and Hope
  • Area B – Abbotsford and Mission
  • Area C -  Aldergrove and Langley
  • Area E – Cloverdale, North Delta, and Surrey
  • Area K -  Everett, Monroe, and Snohomish
Assistant Governor positions are for one year periods with the option to extend the appointment two additional times. Click for more information.
Rotary Learning Institute - Two Day Experience
Thirty-four Rotarians graduated from our District’s Learning Institute on the weekend of 7 & 8 March in Mount Vernon. It was the first time that our District used a new two-day format for nineteen of the graduates. Until now the program consisted of three parts, held on three separate days. The new format merges the curriculum of the three parts into one two-day format.
Parts 1, 2 & 3 Graduates and Facilitators (l-r): PDG Linda Murrary, Michael Galindo (Marysville), Kathleen Olson (Marysville), Ajay Caleb, Dave Lukov, Duane Rhodes (Arlington), PDG Rob Martin, Erica Sphuler (Stanwood-Camano), Mike Makela (Stanwood-Camano) behind Anna Laurence (Everett), Mike Moser (Sedro-Woolley), Faith Kruger (Mission), Joe Klein (Arlington), Coreen Berrisford (Port Moody), John Olson (Everett), PDG Lindagene Coyle, Greg Lineberry (Everett) and Will Potts (Burlington). In front: Sohaljeet Singh (Surrey), Christopher Stiles (White Rock Peace Arch), Michael Berrisford (Port Moody) and Stephanie Bachmeier (Sedro-Woolley). Not pictured Janis Machala (Whidbey Westside) and Dianna Smith (Vancouver Arbutus, District 5040).
To accommodate those members who had already started the three-day program, in a separate room Part 2 was offered on Saturday and Part 3 on Sunday.  Eleven members attended both Part 2 and 3 and they were joined by four other members on Sunday who only needed Part 3.
The Rotary Club of Everett had the most attendees with eight graduates. Other Clubs with graduates included two each from Arlington, Sedro-Woolley, Marysville, Stanwood-Camano, PNW Passport, White Rock, Port Moody, Surrey, and Haney. Other Clubs with graduates included Semiahmoo White Rock, Mount Vernon, Mission Morning, Chilliwack, Whidbey Westside, White Rock Peace Arch, and Burlington. One District 5040 member attended from Vancouver Arbutus.
Parts 2 & 3 Graduates and Facilitators (l-r): Del VandeKerk, Sam Sangha (Surrey), Zane Rossouw (Haney), Kari Petrasek (Everett), Janet Reeves (Chilliwack), Neil Angst (Everett), Cat Wilson (Everett), Raj Rajagopal (White Rock), Jill Greer (PNW Passport), Terry Greer (PNW Passport), Brenda Floyd (Semiahmoo White Rock), Kelly Shepherd (Everett) behind Janice Ellis (Everett), Rheanna Sidhu (White Rock) and John Voth (Mount Vernon). In front: Dave Duskin and Jon Willcocks (Haney).
PDG Lindagene Coyle chaired the event and facilitated sessions. In thanking the Facilitators for their service, she said this with regards to the weekend, “I believe we have a good product with the two-day program. With the feedback from you and the participants we will be able to improve it.”
Facilitators included PDGs Rob Martin and Linda Murray, AGs Shawn O’Donnell, Del VandeKerk, and Dave Duskin, and two Past Presidents David Lukov and Ajay Caleb. A two-day program will likely be offered next fall in Canada.
Congratulations to all Rotarians who graduated from this program!
District 5050 Clubs
Coquitlam Sunrise/White Rock/Meadow Ridge
The Editor had the opportunity to attend the meetings of these Clubs on 31 March. Now, you're thinking "How could he when no Clubs are having actual meetings!" You're right! I attended virtually or via online interface using the Zoom application on my computer. This was a wonderful way for Rotarians to "get together" even if they couldn't actually "be together." 
Coquitlam Sunrise met at their usual time- 7:30 am. This was their first-ever online meeting. President Jennifer McKinnon welcomed about half of the members including Malcolm Kennedy, District 5050 Foundation Chair. Area Governor Al Stjenesgaard was also in attendance. Roger Gurr commented that the "great thing about this (online meeting) is that we can see people." Malcolm talked about the District grant that is being rolled out for each Area (see article above). Al reported that the Area D trip to Belize has been rescheduled for 11-19 November 2020. One purpose of this excursion is to teach teachers in schools there how to use technology in the classroom. There were several reports on how community members and businesses are collaborating on getting much needed medical equipment to where it needs to be.
White Rock also had it's first online meeting. They decided to gather at 10:30 am instead of their usual Noon time. This Club has 63 members; 26 participated in this meeting led by President Mauricio Browne de Paula. Also present were members Assistant Governor Joan Apel, Raj Rajagopal, District Governor Designate 2022-2023 and Harry Krishan all of the way from India! Joan reviewed the District grant with the members. One question raised was how can we find out what entities have needs. Hospitals have supplies provided by the provincial and national governments in Canada, but, long-term care facilities, food banks, etc. also have needs for gloves, gowns, masks, etc. Many members gave updates on what they've been doing during the pandemic quarantine. Carla Hanson mentioned that she started her new job at the Vancouver International Airport as Manager of Emergency Planning at the beginning of the year and by the end of the month the airport was in pandemic mode. Some of the runways are closed so that planes can be parked on them. This writer notes that she is learning her job in a "trial by fire" mode.
Meadow Ridge, led by President Adrie Dale, with about two thirds of their members, met at Noon. Also present were Assistant Governor Al Stjenesgaard and Marjolein Lloyd of the Rotary Club of Kelowna Sunrise in District 5060 (also an international District). Marjolein's parents, Peter and Ineke Boekhorst, are members of the Meadow Ridge Club. She gave a presentation on how to use the Zoom platform including etiquette and tips. She even mentioned that there was a way to collect Happy Bucks online! This was also the Club's first online meeting. Al then talked about the District grant and there was robust discussion on what projects can be promoted to the Area.

This was a great use of technology in fulfilling one of the ideals of Rotary--getting together on a regular basis. We know there are other Clubs that have begun or are about to begin using online meeting technologies. We would like to hear about how this is working out for you. Send us photos and more.
Bus de la Biblioteca de Alfabetizacion de Probigua
Probigua Literacy Library Bus
Michael Adkins, District Literacy Chair
In the December 2019 Issue of the Peace Arch Journal and through the District 5050 website, I reached out to Rotary Clubs with a huge “Ask.” To assist us with financial support that was required to keep the Probigua Literacy Library Bus Program operational. This Literacy Bus provides a much needed service for the young children out into the remote mountainous Mayan Villages in the rural areas of Guatemala.
The response by our Clubs was amazing, humbling and also exciting. Seven Rotary Clubs provided the funds to keep this District 5050 Literacy Program operating with sterling service for the Mayan children who otherwise, would not have the available resources to learn and read from the age appropriate books.
Rotarians from six Clubs returned to Probigua in late February and had the opportunity to witness the amazing impact the Literacy Library Bus project has created and continues for the young Mayan children.
On behalf of District 5050 District Governor Brad Whittaker and myself as District Literacy Chair, please accept our sincere thanks and gratitude for supporting this much needed literacy program. In Guatemala.
Here are the following Clubs who provided the funds to keep this program operational and active for another year: Mission Mid-Day, Abbotsford-Sumas, Port Moody, Langley, Chilliwack Fraser, Semiahmoo, and Mission Sunrise.
Probigua Literacy Library Bus - 15 years and counting!!
Little did Nancy Nelson realize 15 years ago that the chance meeting with the late Steve Dolan, who attended the Lake Steven’s Rotary Club, would turn into a movement that would warm so many children in the Stanwood-Camano area. When Nancy noticed Steve’s Rotary pin attached to his lapel, she acknowledged that she too was a Rotarian. Steve excitedly told her about the effort their Club had just launched called, “Operation Warm,” and encouraged the Stanwood-Camano Rotary to join them in providing new coats for kids in need.  And as they say, “The rest is history!”
But here’s the rest of the story: It became very obvious that a partnership would be required to make certain that the coats were dispensed to children who really needed a winter coat before the cold weather arrived. And that’s where, from the very beginning, the Stanwood-Camano Food Bank entered the adventure with a ready-made clientele. That first year in 2005 over 500 coats were purchased by the Rotary and distributed to children who rejoiced at having a new coat “with tags on!”  The Rotarians were involved in ordering, picking up and helping to distribute the coats.
Fast forward to 2019 and the program has expanded to provide over 900 coats to kids, six months of age through high school. The Rotary Club raises funds at their annual Oktoberfest auction and partners with the Food Bank that continues to make certain children in need get the coats.  Today the program is called, “Warm Coats for Kids” and has expanded the distribution to additional partnerships with the high school, a middle school and the ECEAP program for preschoolers at Josephine’s Senior Center. Coats are purchased from multiple sources that are willing to sell at reduced prices. Not only are bodies warmed in the process, but hearts as well….the hearts of Rotarians that is, knowing that they are of service to their community. Pictured are Stanwood Senior Center Volunteers Janet and Joan with PNW Passport Rotarian Jill Greer.

From the Desk of the Editor
This is the April 2020 issue of the Peace Arch Journal. We are excited that the PAJ is available in an electronic format. We would love to hear your feedback on this. Send your thoughts, ideas and comments to we are having to self-quarantine even more. Let's do our part in helping the community be mindful of this. Minimize your trips and errands. Help out your neighbors. Reach out to Members and Friends to check in on them. This applies to anyone. It's been awesome to see our Communities step up in a myriad of ways to help out. And, this is across all spectrums- education, business, government, etc. Various groups are figuring out ways to get together virtually.
Speaking of which, I participated in several online meetings recently. This is a fantastic way to stay in touch with the organizations you are part of. Many thanks to Marjolein Lloyd of the Kelowna Sunrise Club for providing important tips and tricks for using online meeting platforms. We are encouraging Clubs and their Committees to continue the great work in your communities by using the Zoom online meeting platform. The no cost version of Zoom has several great features. And, the company has waived fees for some of the features related to time parameters and number of participants. If your Club chooses to purchase the full-featured version of Zoom, you can receive a discount through the Rotary Global Rewards website.
During the Semiahmoo White Rock meeting, Stephanie Cadieux, MLA of South Surrey, BC, asked a question that we should all consider. "How do we as a society resolve the 'hoarding' aspect with the volunteers who are obtaining supplies for those that can't or shouldn't be in potentially hazardous environments?"
As announced in mid-March, both the District Conference and International Convention have been cancelled this year. Other District events and activities have been cancelled or postponed. See our District website for additional information about District activities and events.
In the meantime continue to live by and exemplify the Rotary Four Way Test-
Is it the Truth?
Is it Fair to All Concerned?
Will it Build Goodwill and Better Friendships?
Will it Be Beneficial to all Concerned?
Also, please note that we have changed the deadline for submissions to the 23rd of each month before publication.
The Peace Arch Journal needs your help. If you are interested in writing occasional stories about your Club and neighboring Clubs, your communities and Club activities and events, please let me know.
Peace Arch Journal
Brad Whittaker
District Governor
This monthly publication is a service to District Club Officers and members. It is intended as a source of news and opinion from throughout the district.
The mission of the Peace Arch Journal is to promote communication, understanding, fellowship and fun beyond club meetings, in a manner complementary to shared efforts at placing Service Above Self.
Please send articles and news with or without pictures attached to emails. Photographs are always a plus! Note that the editor appreciates conservation of space in order to meet the sender’s needs and the editor’s time.
The deadline is the 23rd of the month.
Address any and all information to the Peace Arch Journal Editor.
James Monroe
Rotary Club of Lake Stevens, WA
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