What can I expect from RYLA?
RYLA, Rotary Youth Leadership Awards, is an engaging 3 & ½ day leadership event that connects you with like-minded individuals. The program of RYLA will be provided once arriving at the facility. You can expect a variety of speakers and activities that will help grow your leadership skills.
Who is RYLA for?
RYLA is for anyone between the ages of 18 – 30 that are emerging or already experienced leaders. We are strict with our age group, meaning you must be at least 18 years old by May 7, 2020.
How do I get selected to attend RYLA?
Generally participants are in contact with a local Rotary Club who will provide sponsorship and will vouch for your participation in RYLA. If you do not have a sponsoring Rotary Club, completing your registration form will be the first step in getting selected. The RYLA committee will then review the application and if you are successful, will work with you to find a sponsoring Rotary club. There are only 70 spots available for participants.
Where is RYLA Located?
Mount Baker Bibleway Camp: 8444 Mt. Baker Highway, Deming, WA, USA 98244. Telephone: 1-877-599-5888 (toll free) or 360-599-2921
When is RYLA?
Thursday, May 7, 2020, between 12:00—2:00 pm until Sunday, May 10, 2020 in the late afternoon. Arriving late or leaving early is disruptive to others and does not give you the full benefit of the program. As a condition of attending RYLA, you must commit to remain from Thursday afternoon to Sunday afternoon.
How Do I Get To RYLA?
It is your responsibility to arrange transportation to and from RYLA. Your sponsoring Rotary Club RYLA Representative may assist you. Carpooling with other participants may be an option, but the RYLA committee does not guarantee the facilitation of rides to and from the facility.
What Should I Bring?
  • You need a sleeping bag and pillow. All candidates will sleep in bunk beds in cabins, with separate male and female rooms.
  • An insulated travel mug and water bottle.
  • Hygiene
  • Bring your own toiletries, and a towel. The cabins have flush toilets and shower facilities
  • Clothing
  • Casual clothing is suitable for all activities. There is an outdoor project. Bring suitable gloves, old clothes that may get ruined, boots and raingear in the event of bad weather.
It is strongly recommended by the RYLA committee to have personal Medical Insurance Coverage while attending RYLA. Canadian participants note: BC MSP does not provide coverage in the USA. If you do not have extended medical coverage for outside Canada, you can purchase a travel insurance policy at any insurance agent.
Do I need to bring any food?
No. All meals will be provided (Thursday: Dinner | Friday & Saturday: Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner | Sunday: Breakfast & Lunch). The facility does its best to accommodate all dietary restrictions. In case of severe restrictions, we highly recommend bringing additional snacks to supplement your diet. The facility is not nut free.
Special Needs
Please let us know on your online application form if you require any special consideration i.e., medication, diet, physical limitations, illnesses, etc.
Personal Item
Bring an item that tells something about you. i.e. musical instrument, craft, hobby, special interest, vocation etc. You may wish to use the item when introducing yourself on Friday evening.
Personal Devices
Based on the location of the facility, cell service is limited. As a requirement of the program, we ask that participants do not use their devices for the duration of the event. Parents/Guardians will be able to contact the Camp Office and, if necessary, Rotarians' cell numbers will be given out in the event of emergency.