Interested in Club Visioning?

Help your Rotary Club plan for the Future
Rotary District 5050 Club Vision Facilitation
A two phase facilitated club planning process
Visioning Phase – Rotary District 5050 adopted a program, developed by District 5960 Past District Governors Cathy Smith and Steve Wilcox, in order to guide clubs as they develop “a vision”. Club members, supported by a team of Rotarian volunteers, trained in facilitation skills, set a vision that helps guide their planning process over the next five years. A club vision is the first step in a planning process designed to achieve continuity, consistency and consensus in how the club members see the future of their club. This session does not complete a Strategic Plan.
During the Vision Facilitation session, a team of facilitators lead a process consisting of an overview presentation, a writing exercise, data collection, consensus voting, summary and short term action plan development.Since 2014, 30 four hour Visioning and Vision to Plan Sessions have been completed, including 9 sessions in the 2018- 2019 Rotary year, and 6 sessions to March in the 2019-2020 Rotary year.
Participants have consistently rated these sessions as valuable and recommend the process to their Rotary colleagues.
Participants come away from their Visioning Session with enthusiasm for their vision
Vision to Plan (V2P) Phase
We have learned that enthusiasm wanes if clubs do not move forward with the development of a plan setting out goals, projects and tasks designed to achieve their “vision”.
Since 2018, we have offered facilitation in this phase, guiding clubs to develop action plans to address priority strategic initiatives that were identified during their initial visioning session.
During these sessions, participants review their club progress on the Action Plan developed at the end of the Visioning Session, they explore principles of Change Management and practice setting SMART and SMARTER goals, with a focus on memberships goals.
Who Should Attend
Visioning Session
Attendance should include board members – current president, president -elect, president nominee, immediate past president and two other past presidents, as well as a broad selection of members – new and seasoned. This will allow for a representative input of club member views.
For smaller clubs, no less than 12 members or 60% of members must commit to attend.
For larger clubs, up to 35 members are expected to attend.
Participants commit to attend the full 4 hour session.
Area Assistant Governors are invited to participate. In this way, they can know and support the plans of the clubs they support.
Vision to Plan (V2P) Sessions
A smaller number of participants usually attend these sessions -those who are responsible for championing the club planning process – usually club
leaders, including committee chairs.
Measures of Success for Clubs that Complete Vision Facilitation
  1. Members’ pledge and willingness to move the planning process from a “nice to do” vision to meaningful growth in programs for your club development, its members and its community.
  2. The output from the session is woven into the annual plans of incoming and succeeding presidents. It will be reflected in the continuity and consistency or programming and leadership in your club.
  3. Finally, the long term mark of accomplishment will be at the end of five years your club will move from where it is now, to where it wants to be.
To learn more and to arrange for a Facilitated Visioning Session, contact:
Vision Facilitation Coordinator: Lynn Spence 604-542-5516
Each club requesting Vision Facilitation will assign a “Club Coordinator” who will work with our District Coordinator. The District Coordinator will provide information and direction individual Rotarians will need in preparation for the session.
A fee of $200 per club helps defer the cost of materials needed for the session. This fee covers the cost of both the Club Visioning and the Vision to Plan Sessions.
The Club Coordinator is responsible for arranging for venue and equipment needed as per information provided by the District Coordinator.
Visioning Sessions are scheduled mainly weekday evenings from 5pm to 9pm. Because of the time frame, clubs are expected to provide a light meal for the Club Visioning Session. The Vision to Plan Session is usually 3 hours or less. Clubs may/or may not choose to offer a meal for these sessions.
Visioning Sessions scheduled for Saturdays are usually from 9am to 1pm, and meals are not usually provided – rather morning refreshments are provided by clubs.
Our District 5050 Facilitation Team volunteers at least 30 hours for each session, and does have the latitude to reschedule should clubs be unable to commit to the attendance of sufficient members to make the experience meaningful.
We are always in need of Rotarians to join our District Facilitation Team. It gives you a chance to serve Rotary in a larger way. You can connect with more of your Rotarian colleagues and learn, together with the clubs you visit, many new ideas for growing your own club. It gives you a chance to use your leadership skills and develop new skills.
If you are even a little bit interested, please contact Lynn Spence to learn more.