Photo-editing software recommendations



Photoshop remains the most recommended paid photo-editing software and is available as a monthly subscription version called Photoshop CC (for Creative Cloud) for $9.99 USD per month or the downloadable version called Photoshop Elements for $99 USD.




GIMP has been called the elder statesperson of free photo editing, as the most full-featured cross-platform free Photoshop competitor.


Paint.Net for Windows

Paint.NET's simplicity is one of its key features; it leaves it a fast, easy to operate free photo editor that's perfect for those little tasks that don't need the sheer power of GIMP.


Pixlr has a tiered offering that is free but ad supported. The site has two photo editing packages - Pixlr Editor (advanced) and Pixlr Express (efficient). The site also offers a mobile suite so you can edit photos on a smartphone or tablet for iOS and Android. Although available for download, reviewers recommend trying the online version.


There are many different alternative photo-editing programs available. If you have one that you recommend, let us know ( so we can add it to this list.