24 October is World Polio Day!
As World Polio Day approaches, the Rotary community is getting ready to amplify our message about eradicating polio to protect the world’s children from this devastating disease.

Together, we’ve made tremendous progress. Now it’s time to intensify our fight to make polio the second human disease ever to be eradicated. Last year, the World Health Organization’s African region was certified free of wild poliovirus, showing that eradication is possible even in very difficult circumstances. The wild poliovirus remains endemic in just two countries: Afghanistan and Pakistan. We can use World Polio Day to advocate for the support we need to end polio in countries where it still paralyzes children.

Inspire action
Take action for World Polio Day by promoting the importance of polio eradication, raising funds, and planning events. Let’s engage our communities in the fight against polio — because as long as polio exists anywhere, it remains a threat everywhere.

Use the World Polio Day Toolkit to find resources and tips for planning activities and promoting a polio-free world. Inspire others to join us by hosting virtual and community events, creating fundraisers, and sharing posts on social media.
Register your club’s participation in World Polio Day to show how Rotary, Rotaract, and Interact clubs around the world are taking action to eradicate polio. If you register your events, fundraisers, and promotions by 14 October, you’ll get early access to a download of Rotary’s World Polio Day Global Update one week before the program will be shown on 24 October on Rotary’s Facebook page and endpolio.org.
Use Raise for Rotary to start an online fundraiser to benefit The Rotary Foundation’s PolioPlus Fund for World Polio Day. Then, share it with your network! The top Raise for Rotary World Polio Day 2021 fundraisers will be featured on My Rotary.

World Polio Day messages are sent to a broad range of polio eradication advocates, including:
• The RI Board of Directors and directors-elect
• The Rotary Foundation Board of Trustees and incoming trustees
• Past RI presidents
• District governors, assistant governors, and governors-elect
• Rotary and Rotaract club presidents
• Regional leaders (RRFCs, RCs, RPICs, E/MGAs, and End Polio Now coordinators)
• District Rotary Foundation chairs
• The Communications Committee
• End Polio Now newsletter subscribers
• PolioPlus committees (the International PolioPlus Committee, End Polio Now: Countdown to History Campaign Committee, Polio Eradication Advocacy Task Forces, PolioPlus national advocacy advisers, national PolioPlus chairs, district PolioPlus subcommittee chairs)
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