Who belongs to our Rotary Family?
button Fellow club members
button Spouses and partners
button Children, parents and other relatives
button Families of deceased Rotarians
button Youth Exchange students and their families
button Interactors, Rotaractors and RYLArians
button GSE team members, Ambassadorial Scholars and alumni
button Global Networking Groups
button Friends of Rotary

Why is the Family of Rotary important?
button Allows us to build lifelong friendships
button Enhances our personal families' relationships
button Builds world understanding and peace
button Improves international solidarity and tolerance
button Contributes to membership growth
button Contributes to diversity of age, gender, race, ethnicity, culture, religion and profession
button Improves Rotary's public image
button Strengthens clubs and their commitment to service
How do we care for fellow Rotarians like family?
button Remember birthdays and anniversaries
button Assist when they are sick, lonely, or having difficulties
button Share their grief during and after a death in the family
button Celebrate at births, weddings, etc
How do we involve our own families in Rotary?
button At special family oriented social events
button At club meetings for special programs
button Assistance at fundraisers
button In community service projects
button Hosting Youth Exchange and Rotary Friendship Exchange teams
How can we care for spouses of deceased Rotarians?
button Invite them to join Rotary
button Invite them to special club events
button Send them Rotarian magazine
button Send them club newsletters
button Call on them regularly
button Celebrate their birthdays
How can Youth Exchange students become family members?
button Encourage club members to invite them to their family functions
button Communicate with the students' families back home
button Maintain lifelong contact after the student has returned home
How can we involve Interactors, Rotaractors and RYLArians in the family?
  Invite them to participate in:
button Projects, fundraisers, club and district social events
button Christmas parties, change-over ceremonies
button District conferences, assemblies
button Have them attend other Interact, Rotaract, and RYLA activities
How do we keep Foundation Alumni involved in the family?
button Invite them to join Rotary
button Invite them to speak at meetings
button Ask them to participate in club projects
button Communicate regularly when abroad
button Welcome them upon their return
button Send them the Rotarian magazine or your club newsletter