It's taken me a little while to get back to you so hopefully you can share this email at your next Rotary meeting. 

I am currently very busy, engaged in all sorts of different projects here in Cape Town. I'm spending time in the best ways I know how, trying to find that balance between work, volunteering, and schoolwork.

As you might know I'm still doing my fieldwork for my anthropology degree, which will be completed in December. I'm researching an area of town called "District Six" where residents were forcibly removed during apartheid. Now the region is a bunch of barren fields that they are trying to resurrect in a sort of new city environment, which isn’t working very well. Its an interesting project and my advisor is happy with my progress. 

I currently am lecturing at the Africa Photo Academy (www.africaphotoacademy.com). I lecture in Photography and also videography to students and professionals who want added instruction in their camera systems. Its fun and very rewarding! I am actually a good teacher! I'm excited I found this out now.


I also am excited to say that I found a very engaging volunteer lecturing position at a place called the Ubuntu Academy. It is run by a Dutch NGO and the idea is to bring talented underprivileged youth from the townships together and teach them how to be leaders in their communities. They receive instruction in art, dance, theater, and I teach photography and film. They are on track to partner up with some sponsors and create artwork which can then be sold to help fund the academy's operating costs. I'm helping them come up with short videos for the same reasons, and also preparing them with teaching skills that they will then pay forward in their homes. I think in a way this may be similar to (fellow D5050 Ambassadorial Scholar) Yashar Keramati's project, which also is taking place not far away. 


The website for the Cape Town Ubuntu Academy is:



Of course its important to me to stay fit and I'm rock climbing a lot here, as the summer is winding down I feel like I need to get outside on real rock (instead of the gym) as much as possible. I have set a goal for myself to climb a 25 (climbing grades in S Africa). I started at a 21 when I came here and currently can climb a 24. So that's exciting. I'm often tired from training. 


Most of the other Rotary scholars from my year are gone, there are only 3 of us left. The new crew for 2013 is here, and they seem more international (we were all Americans). Also doing good work. Although the word around the campfire is that the Ambassadorial program is ending this year? Is that true?

All the best to the Rotary clubs back home that gave and give me so much support. I've attached some pics, two of them are of my students at Ubuntu academy. The other is a climbing outreach program...helping kids from the townships get outside and learn to climb. 

Cheers! And I hope to see you soon!