Posted by PDG Linda Murray
Being District Governor is one of the most important roles in the District. It is rewarding, challenging, exciting, and highly responsible. It is the epitome of Service Above Self. The District Governor provides leadership, inspiration, and guidance to Rotary Clubs under the general supervision of the Board of Directors.
In each District, the Governor serves as the official representative of Rotary International and is charged with upholding the Constitution and Bylaws of Rotary International, fostering success in their District at the Club level.
The District Governor is nominated by the Clubs in the District, and all qualified candidates are interviewed by the District Nominating Committee, comprised of five Past District Governors. Each District Governor serves a one-year term, but that individual often fills many roles in the lead-up to, and following their year as District Governor.
Who will be the District Governor in 2024-2025?
It could be YOU!
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who should be the District Governor in 2024-2025!
Once completed, the application is to be sent to Chair of the Nominating Committee, Linda Murray. Call Linda if you require any additional information at 425 422 9141.

About District Governors: Did You Know?
  1. Most PDGs applied more than once before being the successful candidate.
  2. Expenses required to carry out the duties of the DG and DGE are reimbursed by funding provided by Rotary International and District 5050.
  3. Expenses of DG/DGE and spouse to attend the RI Convention are covered by the District.
  4. It is not a requirement to be an Assistant Governor before being a District Governor.
  5. You do need to have been a successful Club President.
  6. If you plan to submit an application and need more time, it may be possible to get an extension on the application deadline by contacting Linda Murray
Highlights of Being a District Governor     Denis Boyd 
How do you sum up in a few words the year long experience of being a District Governor? As Maureen and I look back, a mosaic of moments come to mind. What linked them all together were the gracious welcomes we received at all the Clubs. We had a strong sense that “relationship” is the key to Rotary success. We thoroughly enjoyed getting to know all the nooks and crannies of the District and to meet and chat with engaged and committed Rotarians. These encounters certainly echoed the theme of the year: “Engage Rotary, Change Lives.”

So what were some of those memorable moments? To name only a few: an orchard to table dinner on Whidbey Island, a Meet and Greet in a marina, a iconic Canadian welcome of toques, plaid shirts and maple syrup with our Stanwood-Camano friends, a Cheese heads greeting from Marysville Morning Club and a president in full hockey garb joining me in a “face-off” at the Bellingham Club. What topped it all off was a roast by the Past Presidents of South Everett-Mukilteo who had me, as a psychologist, lying on a couch and being subjected to various kinds of “therapy.” (It was somewhat difficult giving my presentation after that!) The visits to our Canadian Clubs were also a reinforcement of Rotary fellowship and involvement. My own Club members were extremely supportive, which made the role so much easier for me.

I am still overwhelmed by the creativity and scope of the Club projects that I had a chance to learn about firsthand. I was blown away by the presentation of some of these projects at our Whistler Conference. What a great District we have!