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June 18, Today is Day 16 0f 36
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4 November 2018 


Despite the wet and windy weather, Miss Vicky stood proudly at our recent Foundation Dinner, November 3rd.  It was a very gratifying event, where lots of District enthusiasm was again demonstrated for the project: Miss Vicky’s planned trek from Beijing, China; to Paris, France.  The trek begins June 2, 2019, a mere 9 months from now!  Our 88 year-old Ford Victoria is ready and has been tested over 10,000 miles since rehab.  Bill Ward and I travel 13 November to Birmingham, England, for “a highly recommended” orientation meeting for “Rookie,” first time P2P drivers.  Miss Vicky ships in March and we travel to China in late May. 
Thus said, at less than $11,000 accounted, we are woefully behind in our efforts to “make aware” and offer an “opportunity” for primarily non-Rotarians to join in the PolioPlus fundraising campaign.  One $100 contribution per mile X 10,000 miles and we achieve our $1 Million dollar goal. One $10.00 contribution per mile X 10,000 miles and we’d be half way there! 
Many Foundation Dinner attendees made very good suggestions about how we might be more successful in activating the Social Media side of our campaign.  Bill and I literally cannot do it all and are not quite, but darn close, to being overwhelmed in our personal preparations for P2P.  We’ve given the marketing effort our best shot.  Now we need and ask for your help! 
If you have Social Media skills AND ideas helpful to our Miss Vicky Project, will you join us for a GotoMeeting computer conference call  on Tuesday, November 13th at 10:00 a.m.?  Your homework is to visit www.FinishPolio.com and FaceBook page, prior to the call.  Please forward your name, email address and contact telephone number to Miss Vicky Co-Driver, Lee, at rleeharmanmd@gmail.com (preferred) or lee@finishpolio.com (alternate).  Lee can be reached at 425 422-5406. 


Peking, Paris, Polio and Passion
by Pat Killoran, 
End Polio Coordinator, Zone 24 West
It is always a treat to watch when the multiple passions of Rotarians align to support a big dream.
Lee Harman, has a passion for Rotary; as a doctor he has a passion for Polio eradication and as a hobbyist he las a passion for old vehicles. The result is a dream to raise $1,000,000 to support polio!

Bill Ward and Lee Harman
Lee, a long time Rotarian, joined by his travel chum, retired Army Major Bill Ward, will set course on a once-in-a-lifetime amazing race, the 7th Peking to Paris Endurance Motor Challenge. The Peking to Paris Motor Challenge is a true endurance rally following in the wheel and tracks of the original pioneers of 1907. Driving an old car nearly half way around the world with a bunch of like-minded enthusiasts, against the clock, makes this rally one of the toughest driving challenges for vintage cars. Four Hundred miles a day for 36 days.
Miss Vicky

You should also meet Miss Vicky…….
Miss Vicky is a plucky, old 1931 Ford Victoria with plenty of life left in her. Miss Vicky is unique because so few of these particular models were made, and even fewer are ready for a 10,000 mile trek in 2019! It's been Lee and Bill’s long time dream to take Miss Vicky on The Peking to Paris Motor Challenge and to use this trek as an opportunity to raise both awareness and money in the fight to end polio. 
The next Peking to Paris Motor Challenge will begin June 2, 2019 and Miss Vicky will be there, ready to challenge the wilds of Mongolia, Russia, and China to prove anything can be accomplished, even ending Polio!

Lee Harman’s own involvement in PolioPlus has taken him to India to work with teams from CDC, the World Health Organization and UNICEF, entering off-the-grid villages to inoculate children. He saw firsthand how lives can improve. Rotarians, like Harman, know the pain and suffering that polio has wrought, mostly targeting humankind’s most vulnerable.

However, Harman also knows that the perils and tribulations that he and Ward will face are all worthwhile to call attention to the importance of eradicating polio while meeting a goal to raise $1 million from their endeavor.

Harman and Ward are asking Districts and individual Rotarians to join their effort. They are ready to speak at District Conferences and wherever they can to promote this campaign. Meanwhile, Lee and Bill will be driving Miss Vicky from Washington state to the Convention in Toronto, where she will be on display in the House of Friendship.

Lee would be really pleased to talk about participating in Rotary events on their way to Toronto and back.

To contact Lee Harman, email

Check out Miss Vicky on social media:

https://www.facefook.com/FinishPolio/ and