The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation have agreed to match Polio contributions for the next five years (2013 - 2018) in the amount of $35 million each and every year! This new program applies to any and all donations from Canada, the USA or anywhere in the world!

Serious outbreaks of polio have occurred in Syria and Somalia with smaller outbreaks in other countries.  In Sudan there are reportedly 165,000 children who have not been vaccinated; a disaster waiting to happen. Rotary's efforts to eradicate polio over the past 30 plus years must continue into the future. Remember the spread of polio is only an airplane ride away.

When considering your donation to the Rotary Foundation, please consider a portion for PolioPlus.

Polio can be prevented and your contributions help to ensure the end of polio.

Visit, or make a direct donation by clicking here to go to the Rotary Foundation donation page

Please be generous.

Jack Rae
District 5050 Chair, Polio Awareness

(photo courtesy of Randy Plett, provisional Rotary Club of Surrey Central City)

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