Every year, United Airlines offers millions of air miles for charities.

Last year, Rotary came in second place and was given 2.5 million air miles.  Rotarians used those miles for humanitarian missions, such as transporting sick children to hospitals, specialists and volunteers to travel to other countries, and National Immunization Days for polio eradication.  Miles are not used for travel for RI staff or Rotary senior leaders.

This year we want to put Rotary in first place and win the 10 million miles.

The rules are simple:  you can vote every day on every internet device that you have - from your phone, laptop, desktop, tablet and any other device.  If you have three devices, you can vote 3 times each day and every day until the contest closes on December 31.

Encourage your friends and family to join you.  With the miles we receive, we can do even more to help people around the world by providing specialists and other volunteers to provide humanitarian assistance.

So vote now and vote often.

Click here to go directly to the Rotary voting page:  http://10millioncharitymiles.com/charity/26